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Cancellation Policy

JKYSC Game Cancellation or Reschedule Policy

The cancellation of all scheduled games for a given day can only be done by the JKYSC Board.  Notification of such a cancellation will be sent to the entire Club via e-mail, phone or both.  The reason for the cancellation will be provided in the notification.  It is the responsibility of all Club members to provide the Club Secretary with up to date contact information.


The cancellation or rescheduling of individual games may be done with agreement between the coaches of each team and approval from the Board.  The coaches must submit the cancellation or change request and a valid reason to the JKYSC President of Operations for review.  If the request is approved, the coaches will be notified of the approval and they will be responsible for contacting and notifying their players and parents of the change.  The JKYSC President of Operations, or designee, will inform the Referee Coordinator of the change who will then notify and reschedule the referees accordingly.