JKYSC Complex Policy and Procedures

JKYSC would like to take a moment to inform or remind everybody about field policy and procedures at JKYSC Soccer complex:

Pets are NOT ALLOWED at the JKYSC soccer complex.  Service animals specifically trained to aid a person with a disability are welcome.

The is NO Smoking or Vaping allowed at the fields.

The service road between the two fields can only be used to drive somebody who is handicap up to a field for drop off you may use the gated entrance to access the road.  Once you drop the person off you must drive back to one of the two parking lots.  No parking is allowed on the road or grass areas of the soccer complex.

Only teammates and coaches are allowed on the team sideline of the soccer field.  Parents and spectators need to be sitting on the other side of the soccer field.

Please keep in mind these procedures have been set for the safety of all the children participating at JKYSC and we appreciate you following the procedures set by the JKYSC board.