Rules of the Game

Below is a summary of some rules highlights for the game. In a recreational game, the coaches may freely modify these rules to fit their teams (e.g. a team that is loosing may add players if the other coach agrees (or take 1 away from the winning team, or both teams play a man down due to lack of subs, etc). End goal of Recreational Soccer is for kids to have fun on game day, which can be hard with the difference in skill levels. Coaches are encouraged to think about the club as a whole while attempting to help the level of play for the whole club improve.

We endeavor to follow the IFAB Laws of the Game as close as possible while making the following modifications for our youth programs and to increase the enjoyment of our kids.

Parents summary of rules

IFAB Official rules


Soccer follows an international system for age divisions which is based on birth year. U6 means Under 6, so all kids in that division will be under that age as of New Years Eve. In the Spring season some kids may turn that age while playing if their birth day is between new years and the end of the Spring season.

JKYSC allows parents to request a kid moves up a division for a greater challenge or to play with an older sibling, kids are not allowed to move down. Please notify the registrar during registration if this occurs.

DivisionPlayersTimeBall Size
U64v45-8 min quarters
(depending on subs)
U84v47-10 min quarters
(depending on subs)
U107v725 min halves4
U129v930 min halves4
U13/1411v1135 min halves5
U15/U1611v1140 min halves5
U17-U2011v1145 min halves5
Note: These follow PA West modifications where possible for alignment with our competitive program.

U6 and U8 Modifications

  • Score should not be actively tracked by Officials or Coaches.
  • Many coaches find it best to coordinate putting a best 4 and other 4 out on two fields, and re-coordinate to balance the game after first quarter.
  • Ball is kicked in from touch line (sideline)
  • No heading of the ball is allowed
  • No Offsides
  • No Goalies

U10 Modifications

  • Offsides uses the build out line – PA West Clarification
  • No Heading
  • Goalies
  • Goalies may NOT punt the ball. They may roll the ball to a team mate, or drop the ball and kick it. Once dropped they can’t pick it up and the defense can cross the build out line as the ball is in play.
  • Throw Ins

U12 Modifications

U11 divisions MUST disallow heading during games and practices, this means U12 Rec (Combined with U11 Rec) and U11 Competitive/PA West games may not head the ball. U12 and U13 must limit heading during practice, but no restrictions are placed during games.