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  • For personalized and more comprehensive directions to our complex, please search us on Google Maps, by searching, “Jefferson Kiwanis Youth Soccer Club- 43952”.

Cancellation Policy

JKYSC Game Cancellation or Reschedule Policy The cancellation of all scheduled games for a given day can only be done by the JKYSC Board.  Notification of such a cancellation will be sent to the entire Club via e-mail, phone or both.  The reason for the cancellation will be provided in the notification.  It is the …

Communications Policy

JKYSC COMMUNICATIONS POLICY The JKYSC secretary will maintain an accurate list of all coaches, board members, referees and players which will include their names, postal addresses, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. All coaches, board, members, referees and players are required to inform the JKYSC secretary of any changes in their status. All general communications are …