JKYSC Supporter Program

JKYSC Soccer club is a volunteer organization. The JKYSC Supporter program recognizes those who have done valuable service to our club as a whole. Even if you can’t help coach, there is SOMETHING you can do to help the club as a whole.

The club is currently looking for people to work at the concession stands and who want to cover the club as a whole on our social media platform. If you want to volunteer or have another idea of something you want to do to help the club, feel free to e-mail us at info@jkysc.com to help make our club better.

The club would like to honor the following individuals for their service to the club.

Melissia Sutton – Melissa resurrected the concession stands after years of neglect. She doggedly pursued the board and worked tirelessly over 50 hours in one season to make this a reality. It’s pretty safe to say the concession stand would still be dormant without Melissia’s vision and follow through to make it work.

Gabriel D’Ortenzio – Gabe has been creating schedules for the club for a number of seasons. Every year he spends a number of hours organizing, and formatting them for us.

Eric Timmons – Eric Timmons has coordinated our referees and been their representative to the club for a number of years. Every week he assigns the referees, and was sorely missed the one season he wasn’t able to help. Without his work to coordinate things every week, we couldn’t have the quality of games we have.

Michelle Moss – Michelle has been our fundraiser coordinator for a number of years. Every year the club brings in thousands more dollars to help pay for field maintenance, uniforms, insurance and other fees which helps the club avoid raising registration fees.

To all of our JKYSC Supporters, thank you!