Coach’s Corner

Coaches Corner
We are currently building our coach’s corner to include more videos, instructional booklets, and other things. If you should have an idea for a video you find on an acceptable website (YouTube, etc.) or a booklet or other publication that does not restrict the reproduction of being posted on another website, please contact Robert Zaleski, via e-mail at
 Instructional Videos
Juggling and Heading (YouTube Video)
Throw-Ins (YouTube Video)
Individual Ball Control Skills #1 (YouTube Video)
Individual Ball Control Skills #2 (YouTube Video)
Training For The First Touch(YouTube Video)
Defending Drill- Pressure and Cover (YouTube Video)
All Coaches/ Divisions
Reasons for Participating/ Quitting/ Re-Starting Recreational Soccer
Positive Coaching Article
Coaching Training Activities
Coaches with Coaching Licenses
Defensive Play by Coach Lynn Perry(Article)
JKYSC Coaching Manual
Laws of the Game
Water – The Athlete’s Most Important Nutrient (Article)
Team Administration Training and Risk Management
 U-5 & U-6
Great Video on running U6 practice, would apply to U8 too.
U-5 and U-6 Coaches Manual
U-8 Dribbling
U-8 Passing
U-8 Receiving
 U-8 Coaches Manual
U-10 Foot Coordination
U-10 Tackling
 U-10 Coaches Manual
U-12 Defending
U-12 Defending #2
U-12 Attacking
U-12 Spatial Awareness
 U-12 Coaches Manual
U-14 Flank Play
U-14 Possession Passing
U-14 Vision Play
U-14 Vision Play #2
 U-14 Coaches Manual

Coach’s Manual

To view the JKYSC Coaching Manual, please click the link below for the PDF file. You must have Adobe Acrobat  Reader or another PDF reader to view the manual below. To download Adobe Acrobat Reader, please visit Adobe’s website at . Coaching Manual

Defensive Play By Coach Perry

Defensive Play by Coach Linn Perry Every player on the team has a defensive role. Defense is not limited to the goalkeeper, sweeper, and backs. As soon as your team loses possession of the ball you immediately switch to defense. It is very important that you do this as quickly as possible, therefore you need …