Fall 2019 Opening Weekend

Thank you all for a great opening weekend. It was wonderful to see so many of you out there with your families on Saturday. If you missed this weekend, there’s still 9 more games for each team this season, reach out to your coach and join in.

The club also wants to remind you of a few things.

First, only cleared coaches and players may be one side of the field. All families should be on the opposite sideline. There is now a map showing assigned areas for players. Biggest change is U6 coaches and players should always be closest to the hill so U6 family can sit next to those watching the U8/U12 games.

If anyone wants to get certified to help their head coach, please see the JKYSC website for details, it’s about 4-6 hours of online training plus at least 2 days for the background check. The certification is good through Summer of 2021.

Also, please make sure guests know No Smoking and No pets are allowed at the field.

Also please use the concession stand as a lost and found. We also need volunteers to keep it open. You can use the sign up form below.

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The club uses One Call for important announcements, and some coaches will use it as well for reaching out to their teams.  So please make sure your information is up to date in Affinity and you are opted in to one call.

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JKYSC Supporter Program

JKYSC Soccer club is a volunteer organization. The JKYSC Supporter program recognizes those who have done valuable service to our club as a whole. Even if you can’t help coach, there is SOMETHING you can do to help the club as a whole. The club is currently looking for people to work at the concession …

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Fall 2019 Picture and Game Schedules

Saturday, September 21st is Picture day for Recreational Soccer. Newborough says they can do a team in 10 minutes, so be early, if you miss your picture time we probably can’t get your team back together for another photo op. Coaches, please get order forms from the garage and pass them out to your teams. …

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JKYSC Complex Policy and Procedures

JKYSC would like to take a moment to inform or remind everybody about field policy and procedures at JKYSC Soccer complex: Pets are NOT ALLOWED at the JKYSC soccer complex.  Service animals specifically trained to aid a person with a disability are welcome. The is NO Smoking or Vaping allowed at the fields. The service …

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Follow us on Instagram (@JKYSCSoccer) to capture and share special moments that go on with in the JKYSC soccer club.

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