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Referee Program

JKYSC has completed it’s annual referee certification for 2019.  You may get certified yourself before then by registering  on the ohnreferees site linked below and driving to an in-person clinic.

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The club is in need of Referees to create a fair and exciting environment for games.  Youth in their second year of U12 up to Adults are encouraged to participate.  Because we have run U20 – U10 ages, older high schoolers and adult referees are always welcomed to the club.

Benefits of refereeing include

  1. Providing a service to your club and your community
  2. Great exercise, you will be required to run to be close to the action to make calls
  3. Give the children a great competitive experience by providing a fair and level game with clear rules enforcement
  4. Help the coaches, they are often the most appreciative of having refs available for their games
  5. Earn some extra money on the side doing something fun.

New Referees and Recertification

  1. Visit
  2. Create a new account, you will use this account every year.  Select the “Youngstown” district when you register.
  3. Complete the Online “New Referee” course for New Referees, or the online recertification course.  You will have to pay to begin the course.
  4. Sign up for the March 23rd Clinic

Grade 8 Referees are allowed to be center (main referee) or the assistant/ sideline referee in Recreational Games, Select Soccer (competitive games), or Tournament Games.

Recreational Game Pay Rates (Mostly Saturdays)
U8- $10
U10- $20/10/10
U12- $30/15/15
U15- $50/20/20
Competitive Game Pay Rates (Mostly Sundays)
U10 to U12- $35/20/20
U13 to U14- $40/25/25
U15 to U19- $55/30/30
Alternate is $15- Alternate goes to the game in case another ref gets injured or doesn’t show up.

If you have any questions about the process, feel free to contact

Robert Zaleski
JKYSC Secretary