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Recreational Soccer

Program overview

Jefferson Kiwanis Youth Soccer Club, along with our governing body the Ohio Youth Soccer Association North (OYSAN or OhioNorth), offers a fantastic recreational soccer program for children and youth players of all levels of interests and abilities in a safe and healthy environment.

We strive to actively promote the sport of soccer through the development of players, coaches, and referees.  We endeavor to teach our players and members the meaning of good sportsmanship and develop life skills through team building.  It is also our goal to promote good citizenship, strong work ethic, and dedication to the local community through volunteerism.

Our recreational soccer program encompasses two seasons per year.  Our Fall season features 8 games, and runs from Early September to October.  Practices tend to be twice a week on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday evenings, depending on the coach. Games are on Saturdays, mostly in the mornings, with a few games early afternoon for large divisions.  The second season begins in the following Spring, starting around April and ending around when Public Schools end.

Exact details of the upcoming start and end dates can be found on Facebook and

AgeBall Size
U6/U8Size 3 Ball
U10/U12Size 4 Ball
U13+Size 5 Ball
Soccer Ball Sizes By Age Group

Required Equipment

JKYSC provides kids in the recreational program with a uniform each year as part of the registration costs.  Families are required to acquire their own soccer cleats, shin guards, soccer ball, and water for practice and games.  Often coaches will also ask parents to provide an after game snack for kids as well, but that is organized by individual teams, not by the club. For cold or in-climate weather, parents may have their kids wear sweaters or light jackets under their jersey, hoods must be inside the jersey as well, and pants or soft snow caps as needed.  A thicker jacket for the sidelines is acceptable as well.  The club only closes for lightning and flooding, so games around winter do tend to be cold.

Soccer ball sizes vary by age group

Age Groups

As it currently stands, our recreational program is a coed league open to youth from ages 4-15 who have not entered High School with six age different divisions of play to create the most balanced rosters providing a fun, safe, and competitive environment for our youth to participate.  Soccer uses an international age bracketing system based on their birth year, or their age as of New Years, and uses July 1st as the start of the Soccer year.  We clump two years of kids together, so U6 will start in the fall with all kids being 4 or 5 by New years.  In Spring some kids will turn 6, but all kids will still be born within that 24 month clump.  The next year the older kids will move up to have a greater challenge in U8 and a new group of kids will get added to U6, meaning kids naturally will have an easier year followed by a higher year.

Because the age group is an Under age group, parents can request their kids are moved up a division if they are not being challenged so they can play against older kids.

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