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Communications Policy


The JKYSC secretary will maintain an accurate list of all coaches, board members, referees and players which will include their names, postal addresses, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers.

All coaches, board, members, referees and players are required to inform the JKYSC secretary of any changes in their status.
All general communications are to go through the JKYSC secretary and a record of all communications will be kept.

Anyone wishing to make a general communiqué will inform the JKYSC secretary of the content of the notice through the use of e-mail or postal mail.

The JKYSC secretary will approve the communiqué, and if approved will forward it to the coaches by e-mail or if the coaches do not have e-mail by postal mail.

During playing season the approved communiqué will be posted on the JKSYC notice board located at the concession stand.
The coaches, board members and referees have the responsibility to check their e-mail or postal mail regularly and thereby be kept informed.