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Recreational Coaching

Every Coach working with kids must pass the mandatory training, Background Check, and be confirmed by Ohio North. It is the Head Coaches Responsibility to confirm with the league if someone is not listed as an Assistant Coach in Affinity.

JKYSC Recreational coaches are largely parents or other volunteers. We are always in need of coaches who have experience with the game, and optionally some experience coaching. By default JKYSC always places coaches with their children. If you have multiple children please e-mail the registrar with which child you prefer to coach, or multiple teams if possible.

A large percentage of our recreational coaches are simply parents like you who volunteer. We are attempting to work on better training and onboarding for new coaches, but please don’t hesitate to ask questions on Facebook   or at

Getting Started with Recreational Coaching

NOTE: The background and certification system changed in July of 2020. JKYSC will have information on the new System as soon as possible so coaches can complete their player safety certification. If you are interested, please register in Affinity and sign up on the Ohio North Website and keep us updated. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email our Registrar AND Secretary for help

1. Register in Affinity

You need to register in Demosphere as a Team Staff / Volunteer, you should be able to use the same login you currently use to register your child. Select the correct program and optionally a specific child you register with. JKYSC Always assigns coaches to their kids, though sometimes we ask you to coach a different child based on need and availability. Select Head Coach or Assistant Coach as willing, we will always ask before upgrading an Assistant to a Head coach.

When registration opens in future seasons, you’ll need to re-register as a coach to confirm your availability to coach each season.

2. Register on Ohio North’s Coaches site

Go to the link below, and scroll down to the form displayed. Use the e-mail you have listed in Affinity to make sure we get everything linked up.

Try to use the e-mail you have listed in Demosphere. For the club paste

Jefferson Kiwanis Youth Soccer Club

Generally you’ll get an e-mail the next (business?) day from that your account has been created.

If you have issues with your login email, open a ticket on  or call 612-345-9683, ext 2.

While doing the training, you will have to pay about $21 for the background check, upon completing certifications JKYSC will mail a reimbursement check to every coach who certifies this Fall. Normally the club would offer pre-paid codes if they were available in July.

We expect it to be about 10 hours of online Player Safety training, but since this is a new system we are unsure.

3. Wait for your background check to complete

You should get an e-mail that your background check is done, it usually takes a few days to a week. If in doubt contact Players Health using the info above.

4. Email Ohio North For Final Approval

Final approval comes from Ohio North soccer, please also include your head coach (if signing up to be an assistant) with the e-mails below. Include your name in Affinity and the team(s) you are wanting to be an “Assistant Coach” with at Jefferson Kiwanis Youth Soccer Club and stating you think you completed everything in the Players Health app.,

Once we get an e-mail back from Bernie saying you’re good to go, you can start helping. NOTE: You might not always get added as an assistant coach, only Ohio North can do that once rosters are finalized.